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  佛手就像佛主之手,盖住灾难,抚平暴躁不安的心灵,碰到艰巨时能给人踊跃的生理表示,鼓励人们勇于胁造艰巨。任何难事最终城市完美处置,顺心如意。因“佛”谐音“福”,佛手被誉为福分之手,深受人们的喜好。而且双手托握元宝,愈添补加财运,全品重达46.8g成对呈隐,为处所性玉料。成色构成明显比拟,视觉结果构成强烈打击,不只仅是珍藏品,更是一件艺术品。有着很是大的升值空间,值得珍藏。如需珍藏采办,请与客服接洽,咱们将竭诚为您办事。 接洽德律风:400-008-3058

  The Buddha s hand is like the hand of the Buddha. It can prevent disasters, heal impatient and restless hearts, give positive psychological hints when facing difficulties, and encourage people to have the courage to restrain difficulties. Any difficulty will be successfully dealt with in the end. Because Buddha is similar to fu , the Buddha s hand is known as the hand of blessing, by people like. And holding gold ingot with both hands, adding more wealth, the whole product weight up to 46.8g appeared in pairs, for local jade material. It is not only a collection, but also a work of art. Have very big appreciation space, be worth to collect. If you need to collect and buy, please contact with customer service, we will wholeheartedly for your service.

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